Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

Saint Peter’s Prep is famous for its tremendous school spirit, a spirit that is noted by anyone who visits the school or attends one of its athletic contests. As the players on the field have a responsibility to do their very best, so also do the fans in the stands. Fan support is best when it is loud and positive; it should also be good-natured and sportsmanlike.

Booing, taunting or deriding an opposing player or fan or a game official is unacceptable on any field or in any gym. Cheers, chants, or signs or gestures that are obscene, mocking or derogatory are not reflective of the spirit for which we are famous and should never be heard nor seen from a Saint Peter’s Prep cheering section. The Dean will meet with any student when his behavior before, during or after a game serves to discredit or to embarrass the school in any way. Serious offenses can lead to prohibition from future attendance, disciplinary probation and expulsion.

Likewise, a student’s decision to drink or be in possession of alcohol before, during, or after any Prep athletic event is a serious behavioral and health issue.  Disciplinary consequences for any student who is found to be under the influence of or in possession of alcohol or any other drug will be comprehensive and severe.  It is fundamental to the mission of Saint Peter’s Prep that students understand the importance of their decision-making in this regard, and act in strict accordance with our expectations.

Athletes are responsible for displaying sportsmanship and representing Saint Peter’s Prep in a way that reflects positively on the school community.

In a similar way, we call on our Prep parents to model good fan behavior at all of our athletic events. Click here to read our statement to parents.