On April 6th, Saint Peter’s Prep will experience a unique experience which ties together education, experience & adventure.  It is time for Prep Day!

Prep Day is an opportunity for alternative educational/recreational activities which could not otherwise take place within the daily schedule. Off-campus learning experiences outside the normal routine are encouraged. Freshmen will be involved in Arts Day programming, sophomores will be participating in History Day, juniors will sign up for one of the various Prep Day activities,  and seniors are welcome (and encouraged) to sign up for an event but may take the day off.

Prep Day activities occur at different times and vary in cost. Students may bring in the signed permission slip along with any necessary money to the teacher organizing the event in order to reserve a spot between March 28th & April 1st.  Please note, sign ups may not occur prior to March 28th since the full menu of options will not be available. Sign-ups operate on a first come, first served basis, and they can fill up quickly.  A student is not guaranteed a spot until he has submitted his permission slip and any necessary money to the appropriate faculty member.  If the cost for an event is a hardship Prep will do its best to help, please contact Ms. Eppler. 

All juniors must sign up for an event.   If a student neglects to sign up for a Prep Day activity, he must still come to school on April 6th at 8 a.m., and an activity will be chosen for him.

Please contact Ms. Eppler, Dean of Student Life, at epplerc@spprep.org or (201) 547-2335 with any questions. 

Tuesday Night Events – April 5th

Wednesday Events – April 6th