The Campus Ministry Team brings together the seniors who serve the school as Koinonia and Kairos retreat leaders, and members of the Social Justice Team. A quote from Peter Claver, the Jesuit saint and missionary, best sums up the team’s mission at Prep: “We must speak to them with our hands before we try to speak to them with our lips.” That is the essence of the Campus Ministry Team.

The actions of the Prep community – whether in the classroom, on the field, in the halls, or at home – should always be motivated by love. It is up to the 55 young men who lead our Campus Ministry programming to model that for their peers. Each of these leaders, in his own way, brings Christ’s message of love and service to Saint Peter’s Prep.

Expectations are high for members of the Campus Ministry Team. It is important that each member act as an example in the Prep community, as well as on retreat and at mass. Each member is responsible for sharing their gifts and Christ’s message of love in whatever ways they can.


2018-2019 Campus Ministry Team

Daniel Ambrosio
James Anderson
Michael Appello
Eddie Baumgartner
James Bristol
Jacob Brozon
Charles Camilleri
Quin Conlin
Emmanuel Dadulla
Anthony D’Angelico
Jack Dillon
Chris Dunkin
Nicolas Galup
Tim Garcia
Nicholas Gayle
Ethan Gaynor
Timothy Georgetti
Thaddeus Goratowski
Garrett Gualtieri
Griffen Haas
Patrick Haughney
Kyle Hess
Max Honig
Patrick Keenaghan
CeeJay Larino
Jin Leem
Aidan Lezynski
Maverick Lindo
Mark Lovito
Sean MacLaney
Christian Madlansacay
Daniel Maher
Mason Matos
Christian Matos
James McGann
Jack Meyer
John Millar
Xavier Morales
Henrik Murer
Matisse Nelson
Mark Niland
Alec Nossa
John Pettit
Steven Prokop
Adrian Richardson
Khyree Robinson
Roberto Rodas-Herndon
Colby Ruggiero
Jacob Saavedra
Grant Saunders
Samay Shamdasani
Richard Torres
Augustus Valente
Jared Veloso
Lucas Vinci