Arrupe 2022 (March, 2021) will focus on Education. We will examine the roots of educational inequality, how it impacts children, and perpetuates the cycle of poverty. On the other hand, we will look at how education can be a path out of poverty, and hold up examples of teachers and schools serving on the margins. We will also explore how the COVID-19 pandemic laid bare inequalities in educational access, and how schools are trying to address them.

Education is an important topic for us not only as a school, but as a Jesuit school. Jesuits have worked in schools since the sixteenth century, and generations of students have reaped the benefits of a Jesuit education. Today, the Jesuits work to address the needs of today’s learners, especially those coming from under-resourced communities. Arrupe 2022 will have a special focus on what Jesuit education looks like today, and how students at Prep are a part of this important mission.

More information will become available later in the year!