The Crew Club was established in Spring 2010 when Coach Canale returned to Prep as a teacher. Coach Canale had rowed at Loyola, and he wanted to bring the rowing experience to Prep. When the team was started,  a $500.00 registration fee per rower per season was established to cover costs. At that time, Prep was not in a position to offer any help. The team expenses included transportation to the boathouse, memberships to PRRA (Passaic River Rowing Association) and the US Rowing Association, race entry fees, boat transportation, coaching fees, and many smaller incidental costs. The $500.00 fee was per season and paid directly to Prep, held in an account handled by the coach. All the equipment, boats, oars, and launches were borrowed from PRRA.

At the Fall season 2010 dinner, Coach explained what he needed to improve the program, and that parents could interact and help. At the dinner he explained how oars would be a good help and make a difference. The participation by the parents was great; all of the oars were purchased. Sweeping oars were close to $400 each and sculling pairs over $500 a set. We had also been borrowing the Prep Alumni tents, and agreed at the meeting that our own tents would be purchased.

As all of this discussion took place it was quite apparent that to do things properly, the parents needed to form an organization. Noreen Wiggins, P ‘10 filed all the necessary paperwork, drafted basic by-laws, and we became the Crew Parents Association. We received 501(c)3 status and began moving forward. Debbie Philibert P ‘12 was our first President.

Since that time, the crew team has continued to grow. We are now a recognized varsity sport at Prep.

Legends of the Boathouse