Spectating Advice

The setting for a typical crew regatta has spectators set up along the race course and concentrated at St. Peter’s Prep food  tent throughout the day.  It’s here that our parents prepare meals, watch the racing and feed the team after they have raced.   Our parents have a great set up and provide great food, drink and companionship while watching the races.

Some races (most of the Fall regattas) are time-trials in which the teams are racing against the clock as opposed to the side-by-side racing that occurs during the spring.  The distance of the races in the fall can be from 2-3 miles in length and can take from 12-18 minutes to complete.  In the spring the standard high school race distance is 1,500 meters and last between 4 to 5 minutes depending on the level of racing.  The primary championship season for the sport is in the spring leading to Championship racing at the end of the season.  

Parking at the regattas varies by venue with parking being available at all venues, occasionally involving a parking area with shuttles bringing spectators to the viewing area .  


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