It’s time for Spring 2018 Registration!

We ask that you forward the season registration fee of $600 ASAP.
You can forward your check made out to “Crew Parents’ Association” to crew Mom Lisa Bongiovanni.

Additionally, please include an updated Registration Form with your check.

Spectating Advice

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in a boat?  Check out this video by coxswain Enric Adillion ’16

Some advice on Crew spectating.

The setting for a typical crew regatta has you – the family – set up next to the St. Peter’s Prep tents throughout the day.  It’s here that we prepare meals, and the boys congregate when they’re not racing.  Most families bring chairs, as well as blankets, books, ipads, etc. depending on the weather and how you like to pass the time.  It can be a long day.  Usually the boys need to arrive before 8AM, and the last race can often be late in the afternoon.  But we’ve gotten pretty good at passing the time, and most of it centers around great food!  And watching the races.

Typically, the boats will ‘go by’ our tents.  We’ll gather at the river bank and holler for them.  Our tent is seldom near the finish line, but often spectators will take a walk and observe from there as well.  But as far as seeing your son’s race… that’s it… about 30 seconds of watching from whatever vantage point you choose.  Then we wait anxiously for the results to be posted.

Some races (most of the Fall regattas) are timed events: boats leave the starting point, row like crazy, and their time is marked at the finish line.  This takes some of the excitement out of the finish line vantage point, as you really can’t discern how they did.

In the Spring, most of the races are head-to-head.  You can go to the finish line to watch who finishes ‘by a nose’!

Parking at the regattas varies by venue.  They all have ample parking.  Sometimes it’s free, sometimes not.  Sometimes you’ll park fairly close to the tent… but often not.  Plan to be able to carry whatever you bring for a bit of a hike.  At venues like the Cooper River in Camden, we can park relatively close.  The Schuylkill River venue is beautiful… bit it’s common to walk 1/4 mile downhill or more from the car to our tent.

Food List

Each Regatta is not only a sporting event, but it’s also a day-long festival!  Each team arrives with several tents, and stakes out (or is assigned) their spot along the river.  Throughout the day, team parents prepare meals for the team members and their families.  It’s quite the feast!

The food itself is donated each week by the parents.  Donations of specific food items, or monetary donations (usually $20/family per regatta) are collected from each family.  A few days before each regatta, a ‘sign-up’ sheet is circulated whereby you can sign up for a specific food item, or pledge your $20 to be paid on the day of the regatta.  Quite a bit of work goes into preparing the food and utensils, doing the shopping, and cooking throughout the day.  There are plenty of opportunities to help, and we’re always looking for volunteers.

The link for the online food list ‘sign-up’ sheet will be circulated each week by email.



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