2019 Manny Flick # 5 Regatta

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

St. Peter's Prep Results 

Varsity 4+ Flight 4

Place     Team                               Time

1st           Episcopal                             04:41.58
2nd          Christian Brothers B            04:58.59
3rd           Doane Academy                 05:03.28
4th           Haddonfield                         05:04.98
5th           Unionville                             05:05.34
6th          St. Peters Prep                    05:12.92

 Varsity 8+ Flight 3

Place     Team                             Time

1st           Fordham Prep                   04:17.39
2nd          Unionville                          04:18.94
3rd          St. Peters Prep                 04:19.63
4th           Moorestown                      04:35.80
5th           Philadelphia City               04:36.58

Novice 8+ Time Trial

Place     Team                             Time

1st           Egg Harbor A                     04:42.93
2nd          St. Joseph's Prep              04:46.56              
3rd           Atlantic City                       04:49.80
4th           Don Bosco Prep A            04:50.59
5th           La Salle A                          04:55.52              
6th           St. Peters Prep                04:59.70
7th           Unionville                          04:59.86              
8th           Haddonfield                       05:00.05              
9th           St. Augustine A                  05:09.54              
10th         Absegami                           05:11.52              
11th         Don Bosco Prep B             05:16.07              
12th         Philadelphia City                05:16.63
13th         Moorestown                       05:22.97              
14th         Nutley                                 05:23.53              
15th         St. Augustine B                  05:26.85              
16th         Cedar Creek                       05:32.47              
17th         La Salle B                           05:46.12
18th         Egg Harbor B                      06:21.43

 Freshman 8+ Time Trial

Place     Team                              Time

1st           Niskayuna                           04:35.64              
2nd          St. Joseph's Prep A            04:36.33
3rd           St. Albans                           04:40.96              
4th           Jesuit College Prep A         04:42.11
5th           La Salle A                           04:43.38
6th           Mainland                             04:48.52
7th           Seton Hall Prep                   04:51.91
8th           St. Augustine                       04:52.92
9th           Eustace                                04:54.28
10th         Christian Brothers                04:55.24
11th         Kearny                                  04:56.32
12th         Jesuit College Prep B          04:56.58
13th         St. Joseph's Prep B             04:59.86
14th         Cedar Creek                        05:01.23
15th         Lower Merion                       05:02.18
16th         St. Benedict's Prep              05:03.66
17th         St. Peters Prep                   05:12.13
18th         La Salle B                             05:28.43

 JV 4+ Time Trial

Place     Team                               Time

1st           Christian Brothers                 05:01.86
2nd          Episcopal                              05:03.05
3rd           Egg Harbor                           05:04.32
4th           Haverford                              05:10.51
5th           Owen J Roberts                    05:13.81
6th           Moorestown                          05:15.32
7th           Moorestown A                       05:15.81
8th           Archbishop Carroll                05:16.37
9th           Haddonfield                          05:17.15
10th         Concord                                05:17.90
11th         Hill School                             05:19.08
12th         Atlantic City                          05:23.48
13th         Lower Merion                       05:24.11
14th         Gunston                               05:24.34
15th         Seton Hall Prep A                05:25.34
16th         Radnor                                 05:25.41
17th         Ridgewood                           05:31.50
18th         Don Bosco Prep                   05:32.84
19th         Eustace                                05:36.17
20th         Wilmington                           05:40.44
21st         Belleville A                            05:40.69
22nd        Seton Hall Prep B                 05:43.20
23rd         Belleville B                            05:46.07
24th         St. Peters Prep                    05:49.28
25th         Kearny                                  05:49.44
26th         St. Joseph's Prep                 06:33.07

Complete Manny Flick # 5 Results

On Sunday the Crew Team raced at the 5th and final Manny Flick regatta of the season and continued to make progress while experimenting with line-ups and race plans.  The Freshmen team continued to demonstrate speed with good results in the Novice Eight and Freshman Eight Time Trials while the Varsity Eight also improved on the previous week’s results with a solid race under very fast conditions on the Schuylkill River.  The team broke its Second Varsity Eight into a Varsity and JV Four which competed valiantly against a large field in each event.  

Thanks to everyone who came to Philadelphia to cheer on the team on the banks of the Schuylkill River and to our hard-working parents for once again hosting an outstanding operation providing food for all our athletes and their families and friends during and after the racing.  

In addition, a continuing thanks to everyone who has supported the team’s fundraising effort for the spring break trip.